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So I'm currently been tasked at work with building and styling the ebay storefront for my work. I've been a bit lost in the whole scheme of things. I've gotten all set up on the ebay developer's network and gotten api keys, etc.

I'm currently trying to build a custom html page for our ebay store front. I've got the header and sidebar done, but I'm looking to make a custom product grid on the storefront. I've found the special html ebay syntax tags, but that doesn't help me out much. I'd like to have 10 products per page, and allow the user to filter the products by gallery or list view, ending soonest, highest price to lowest price, etc.

I'm fairly confident I could do all of this if I simply had access to a json object that contains product listings on our ebay store. This would involve an API call I assume, and I'm not sure which one I should be using and/or how to format that call via javascript embedded on the storefront html page.

Any help on this would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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