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I am making a project using Emgucv library, he problem is as follows,

  1. I Capture image
  2. detect feature
  3. extract it
  4. draw it

After that i copy the drawn items in a blank image, now I want find contours inside that new image, but the result is always bull, Why is That?

Thanks in advance

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Additional information would be good.

But for you to be able to find the contours, the new image must be converted into a binary image like the ff: (assuming newImage is of type Image)

Image<Gray,byte> binaryImage = newImage.ThresholdBinary(new Gray(1), new Gray(255));

To detect contours and write to resultImage:

for (var contour = binaryImage.FindContours(
        contour != null; 
        contour = contour.HNext)
        resultImage.Draw(contour, new Gray(255), -1);
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