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I have an application that binds special port on localhost and waiting for connection and HTTP request. For example, I start my app and write in browser:

and my application receives it and process (using winsock). My problem is: how to make redirect. When my app receives data I need client (in browser) to be redirected to special page on the internet (now client just see "page not found").

Sorry for my maybe stupid questions, I have never worked with sockets, requests, etc. before.

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what is the actual use case? before you worry about how to redirect, you need to learn how to write a simple server using sockets. Then you need to send a response with a 301 redirect header, that's the easy part. –  Peter Wooster Jan 17 '13 at 21:58
it is connected with my previous question: stackoverflow.com/questions/14387035/… –  DuXeN0N Jan 17 '13 at 22:42

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You will have to add it in the HTML:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://whatever.org/"> 

And set the http:// whatever.org/ to wherever you need it redirected

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I've already solved the problem, thanks! –  DuXeN0N Jan 17 '13 at 23:21
@user1944429 using sockets you canjust send the http header, no need to send it as html. –  Peter Wooster Jan 17 '13 at 23:48
@DuXeN0N if you've solved it please post your answer for others who find this post –  Peter Wooster Jan 17 '13 at 23:50

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