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I'm struggling to loop through an "INSERT INTO" sqlite statement within a Ruby method. Please advice. My code is shown below. The error messages seem to suggest that Ruby doesn't recognise the db object within the method?? Apologies for being a bit of a noob but I've trawled through the internet and I couldn't find the answer :(

require "sqlite3"
require "nokogiri"


db = SQLite3::Database.new('RM.db')
db.execute "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Properties(address TEXT, askingPrice TEXT)"

def get_property_list(newpage, dbname)
    resultspage = Nokogiri::HTML(open(newpage))
    details = resultspage.css("div.details.clearfix")
    count_items = details.count
    puts "there are #{count_items} items on this page"

    for i in 0..count_items-1
        address = resultspage.css("span.displayaddress")[i]
        asking_price = resultspage.css("p.price")[i]

        puts address.text
        puts asking_price.text

        dbname.execute "INSERT INTO Properties VALUES(#{address}, #{asking_price})"


get_property_list("someurl.com", db)

    rows = db.execute("select * from Properties")
    p rows

    db.close if db
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what is the error message? –  ply Jan 17 '13 at 22:15

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You're not quoting either value in your INSERT. You shouldn't be using string interpolation for SQL at all, use bound parameters and always specify the column names too:

dbname.execute 'INSERT INTO Properties (address, askingPrice) VALUES (?, ?)', address, asking_price

Or you could prepare a statement and use it over and over again:

insert = dbname.prepare('INSERT INTO Properties (address, askingPrice) VALUES (?, ?)')
for i in 0..count_items-1
  insert.execute(address, asking_price)
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Thanks. I've corrected the errors you've highlighted but I'm still getting errors. Seems like the problem is that the method which contains the INSERT INTO statement doesn't recognise the db object which I created outside of the method. Any ideas? –  spongey Jan 19 '13 at 12:04
What errors are you getting? How are you calling the function? –  mu is too short Jan 19 '13 at 18:22

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