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I am using the Map control in Windows Phone 8.

I need to implement a page where user can select his location using the map control. I am trying to know when the app was first manipulated by the user.

Some background info: I saw that when the control is shown, it automatically centers the world map, and CenterChanged event is raised. I am not able to understand how ManipulationStarted, ManipulationDelta and ManipulationCompleted work. the first time I drag, ManipulationStarted is not called, only ManipulationCompleted.

I could consider the first manipulation by user as being the 2nd time the CenterChanged is fired. But this is a hack or a guess, I am not happy not having a good understanding how it works.

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The Map control intercepts and handles Manipulation events and as such you don't get all of them. Remember, once routed events are marked at e.Handled=true they no longer bubble up.

Depending on your Scenario WP8 exposes the UseOptimizedManipulationRouting property which might prove useful. Setting UseOptimizedManipulationRouting=false causes Map, Pivot and other controls to not swallow events for nested controls.

If that doesn't help, have a look at the following Nokia Wiki article where the author ran into the same problem as you did and used Touch.FrameReported to get out of it @ http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/Real-time_rotation_of_the_Windows_Phone_8_Map_Control

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UseOptimizedManipulationRouting helps to raise only ManipulationCompleted event but Touch.FrameReported is really powerful and works in my case! –  DreamTeam Mobile Feb 20 at 5:07
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