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I am new to Rails. Currently, i am building an app that will be able to login with facebook, twitter and also my own website account.
i am thinking to do a user just like the Pinterest, but i don't know how to integrate them as just one account.
Any one has any idea about this? Thank you.

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OmniAuth may be what you want.


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yea, i am using gems "omniauth-facebook" and "omniauth-twitter" already. is there any way to link all these account as one? –  LPing Jan 17 '13 at 23:48

you need something like this?? http://openid.net/developers/

but actually, when u trying to access the user's account(such as google,facebook, twitter), you have to get the permission from the users as well, so there will be a need to integrate both of those in once too.

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