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Im trying to resolve an issue where when using NHibernate with a SqlServerCeDriver that uses an image column you receive an error: "Byte array truncation to a length of 8000.". I found the following solution:

And created the following class:

namespace Test
    public class SqlServerCeDriver_ImageFix : SqlServerCeDriver
        protected override void InitializeParameter(IDbDataParameter dbParam, string name, SqlType sqlType)
            base.InitializeParameter(dbParam, name, sqlType);

            if (sqlType is BinarySqlType)

                PropertyInfo dbParamSqlDbTypeProperty = dbParam.GetType().GetProperty("SqlDbType");

                dbParamSqlDbTypeProperty.SetValue(dbParam, SqlDbType.Image, null);




But when I change the NHibernate mapping from NHibernate.Driver.SqlServerCeDriver to Test.SqlServerCeDriver_ImageFix I get the error, but I am not sure why.

The inner exception is: "Could not load type Test.SqlServerCeDriver. Possible cause: no assembly name specified."

Anyone have any ideas as to what im doing wrong?

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When defining the driver in the config, define it with the AssemblyQualifiedName, i.e.:

Test.SqlServerCeDriver_ImageFix, MyAssemblyThatContainsThisType
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That worked like a charm. Thank you! – Kyle Sep 17 '09 at 13:53

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