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I am reading professional asp.net design patterns by Scott Millet. And I am on page 68 - reading Domain Model.

I really like the way Domain Model works. But I need simpler example to show me how it works.

Do you know any resources I can read? or even have a lab I can try and move on? I don't need something with MVC because I am not there yet. And my domain model will work with different platform.

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You say that you don't need MVC because you are "not there yet". My opinion, based on my own experience, is that a great way to build your skills would be to dual track on intro MVC while doing more reading on DDD. Jimmy Nilsson's book, "Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns" is famous and comprehensive but also very approachable. I would read that and, at the same time, step through the 29 videos at: http://www.asp.net/mvc/videos/mvc-2/how-do-i/creating-a-tasklist-application-with-aspnet-mvc.

Also, you'll notice that Scott Millet thanks Rob Conery in the acknowledgements to the book. I think you might be helped by some of Rob's free videos at TekPub. In particular, I'm thinking of the free five part series called "Concepts" [http://tekpub.com/products/concepts] that covers DI, IoC, "Loose Design with Interfaces", "Behavior-driven Design with Specflow", and more.

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