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I'm using Refinery CMS with a custom engine and I'm not able to run heroku rake db:seed. It seems that this is causing my app to break in production.

Everything works fine locally, but I'm getting this output when I try to seed my database:


Any thoughts on what might be causing this. Here's my seeds.rb file:

(Refinery.i18n_enabled? ? Refinery::I18n.frontend_locales : [:en]).each do |lang|
  I18n.locale = lang

  if defined?(Refinery::User)
    Refinery::User.all.each do |user|
      if user.plugins.where(:name => 'refinerycms-projects').blank?
        user.plugins.create(:name => 'refinerycms-projects',
                            :position => (user.plugins.maximum(:position) || -1) +1)

  url = "/projects"
  if defined?(Refinery::Page) && Refinery::Page.where(:link_url => url).empty?
    page = Refinery::Page.create(
      :title => 'Projects',
      :link_url => url,
      :deletable => false,
      :menu_match => "^#{url}(\/|\/.+?|)$"
    Refinery::Pages.default_parts.each_with_index do |default_page_part, index|
      page.parts.create(:title => default_page_part, :body => nil, :position => index)
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In order to fix this I needed to specify ruby '1.9.3' in my gemfile. Apparently this is something related to deploying a Refinery CMS app to Heroku.

Once I deployed to heroku with ruby '1.9.3' in my gemfile I was able to do heroku run rake db:seed no problem.

More info on this here:


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