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I am writing a web system on a certain domain with a log-in dialog.

The system lies on an address


However, there is a different system at address


that uses a different log-in dialog, with different credentials. (Users who use systemB often use systemA too.)

Most browsers, however, automatically take the credentials from http://www.example.com/systemA/ and auto-fill them in the http://www.example.com/systemB/.

Can I write the website in such a way, that the dialog won't be autofilled from the systemA automatically, but the auto-fill will still be allowed? (For example, write some "auto-fill domain".)

I know I can ues autocomplete="off", but I don't want to turn it off outright.

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I'm not sure how exactly does autocomplete in browsers work, but have you tried changing the names of the input elements? –  svick Jan 18 '13 at 1:08
Yes. At least Chrome is pretty clever when searching for login input elements, and it immediately uses the ones from systemA –  Karel Bílek Jan 18 '13 at 4:36

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You can try set empty value to the fields from systemA (value=""). When the user open it, the fields are empty but if he click on them, there will be autofill recommendations.

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