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I want to configure Vim such that when the [No Name] buffer is open, the syntax is set to markdown. Is this possible? I couldn't see such kind of hook in Vim's help.

I'm using Vim 7.3, compiled with --with-features=huge.

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This is mentioned on the vim tips wiki:

" default filetype
let g:do_filetype = 0
au GUIEnter,BufAdd * if expand('<afile>') == "" | let g:do_filetype = 1 | endif
au BufEnter * if g:do_filetype | setf markdown | let g:do_filetype = 0 | endif

Why the need to use a global variable, and not set the filetype immediately, is to my understanding, because the buffer hasn't been fully created when the autocmd is triggered.

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Thanks! This works for gui. I altered GUIEnter to BufWinEnter to make it work in the terminal. – user1621465 Jan 18 '13 at 1:22

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