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I have an L3 application I'm trying to port to L4. In the L3 version, one of my routes is

Route::get('/(:any)/(:all?)', etc...

This allowed me to handle an arbitrary number of URL segments, for example:


But in L4 I cannot figure out how to emulate the functionality of (:all?)

The code below works:

Route::get('/{arg1?}/{arg2?}/{arg3?}', function($arg1='home', $arg2, $arg3)
  //do something

So I could add a large number of optional arguments (more than I think I would ever need in real world use) but that is not very elegant.

Is there some way in Laravel 4 to define a Route that can respond to an arbitrary number of URL segments?

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You can add a pattern condition to your route, ex.:

Route::get('{any}/{args}', function($action, $args = null)
   // do something like return print_r(explode('/', $args), true);
})->where('args', '(.*)');
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Brilliant! Thank you so much. – HomeSlice Jan 19 '13 at 20:44
nice thinking :) – motto Sep 3 '15 at 13:25

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