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My initial question is a direct dupe of this question, trying to put the cursor at the end of a textarea.

three|<-- ideal position

It worked fine on all browsers except Firefox (I'm currently using version 18.0). Even the jsfiddle that Tim provided in the link above (for convenience: http://jsfiddle.net/DqtVK/40/) is not working.

It seems it's not highlighting or placing the cursor at all anymore.

I understand jquery is an alternative option (as found here) but did something happen on firefox's side that makes this method no longer reliable? Anyone have any insight? Is there a way to avoid the jquery route?


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Looks like there was an uncaught exception that was preventing my piece of code from finishing. It seems firefox really doesn't like focusing on a hidden piece of HTML. Lesson learned, make sure your target is visible!

Though why the jsfiddle is not working properly is still a mystery to me... but my base issue has been solved.

If anyone can explain the jsfiddle mystery, please keep respondin' I'll be on the lookout.

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