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Hi I'm building a RESTful app and can't find the recommended way to pattern optional fuzzy or LIKE queries. For example a strict query might be,


Corresponds to SQL "... WHERE city="New York" AND state="NY"

But what if I wanted to search for the city field for any row with "York" in city name?

"... WHERE city LIKE "%{parameter}%" AND state="{parameter2}"

I'm thinking about just adding some kind of url-valid character to the request like this:


Is there an established or recommended pattern I should use? Thanks!

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It's fine to use query string for searching, but it's a little bit weird to use macro character like "*" or "?" in query string(unless you decide to build a really powerful search engine like Google). More importantly, search is usually considered in fuzzy mode by default, so it's redundant to append/prepend the keyword with "*". If you do need exact search, you could surround the exact(or strict) keyword with double quotes. Namely, instead of using /place?city=*York*&state=NY, I recommend /place?city=York&state="NY".

In fact, Google uses quotes to search for an exact word or set of words, and I also found this site takes this pattern.

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