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So, I've got a Fusion Table with a bunch of contacts, but some don't have emails or websites. I've mapped these to addresses, but I'd like to select an element within the info window (an a tag) and hide it. The tag has some styling to make it look like a button, so essentially I don't want to show the button if there is no website or email associated with that address


I've tried using jQuery to select the a tag's class and then hide it, but it doesn't seem to work.

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jQuery is not able to access an element before it's added to the dom, so listen to the domready-event of the infoWindow and hide the button then(the contents of the infoWindow are attached to the DOM at this time, but the infoWindow not opened yet).

But it should be easier when you dont create the button when you dont need it.

Assuming you use a template, there also is an simple solution:

.googft-info-window a[href='']{display:none;}

...what will hide all links inside the infowindow with an empty href-attribute.

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NICE! Thank you –  geraldarthur Jan 18 '13 at 3:22

Selecting an element and hiding it should work for you. You can make sure that you are selecting it by logging it after the selection.

var buttonCnt = $('input.class').length;

if the log shows the number of buttons that you expect, then hiding them should be working. If not, then make sure your selector is being called after the table is populated.

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