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I just finished building a map for my Blogger.com blog. Now I'd like to convert it into a Gadget so that I can move it into the sidebar on my blog's design and share it with other bloggers.

Is there a strategy I can employ to test my gadget during development — preferably something that will let me make some changes, then refresh the page in my browser to test them?

Adding the gadget to a sandbox blog doesn't work; it seems like the XML file is cached, so I have to wait to preview changes (or keep changing the name of the URL to the XML file, but that gets irritating real quick).

I've added the Google Gadgets Editor to my iGoogle homepage so that I can preview the Gadget, and that almost works... except I can't specify values for my Gadget's preferences in GGE's preview panel, so it won't render.

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Have you tried adding


When you load your gadget ?

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