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My JSTL variable is not being interpreted between the <a> </a> tags. As a result, no link are being displayed on my page. ${page} is also not being interpreted in the <c:param> tag. Any idea? in that case, the link that results is /listing.htm?page= instead of something like /list.htm?page=2 for example.

  <a href="<c:url value="/list.htm" >
    <c:param name="page" value="${page}"/></c:url>">

I have also tried this way but it does not make any difference:

  <a href="<c:url value="/listing.htm" >
    <c:param name="page" value="${page}"/></c:url>">
  <c:out value="${page}"/>
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My bad, the problem was not coming from this code. Inside the foreach, I gave a different variable name to my variable so of course it was inaccessible.

I was having the following code:

<div class="pagination pagination-centered">
        <c:forEach begin="${startpage}" end="${endpage}" var="p">
            <li><a href="<c:url value="/list.htm" >
                               <c:param name="page" value="${page}"/>
                             </c:url>"><c:out value="${page}"></c:out>
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