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I have a file called abc. The content of abc is:


I want to sort the lines of the file and delete all duplicates (in this case ccc are duplicates).

In the shell script I use this:

sort -u < $1

But the sorted result becomes the standard output instead of saved into the abc file. How do I do this?

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You can redirect output to a file as

sort -u < $1 > abc
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but $1 is abc file –  user1988385 Jan 18 '13 at 4:24
In that case, you have to create temporary sorted file and rename it to abc. –  Rohan Jan 18 '13 at 4:30


sort -u abc -o abc_sorted

or if you want to replace the file

sort -u abc -o abc

you could also do

sort abc | uniq > abc_sorted
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You can simply do it by using the commands sort uniq , | (pipes) and > (re direction). If your file name is file you can do it simply by the following command:-

sort file | uniq >file
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