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The Sprint Burndown Chart says I have about 150 hours outstanding.

The Sprint Cumulative Flow Chart suggests that I have about:

  • 100 hrs 'Not Done'
  • 150 hrs 'In Progress'
  • 50 hrs 'Ready For Test'

If I sum up the actual SBIs in the sprint I get the following numbers...

  • 100 hrs 'Not Done'
  • 50 hrs 'In Progress'
  • 5 hrs 'Ready For Test'

Can anyone suggest what's gone wrong?

Sprint Burndown Chart

Cumulative Flow

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Please post the chart –  Chris Ballance Sep 17 '09 at 14:30
Done. I think it's just the Cumulative Flow that's wrong. The Burndown seems to tally with the SBI aggregate. –  Chris Arnold Sep 17 '09 at 18:50

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Almost every time my TFS reports are off in a way where the math doesn't seem to work anymore, I've almost always done one of the following:

  • Made changes in the path hierarchy
  • Made changes to the iteration hierarchy
  • Marked items with a new state by editing process templates

Often it just requires repairing the queries the report server is using.

I recommend running an @project query and see if your current iteration + stuff outside your iteration add up to the numbers you are seeing.

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