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Im working on an iPhone application, Using SQLite as the backend

In my application i have two tables, ProjectsTable, Project_Hours_Table in my DB.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Here in first table i have list of projects with their unique_id.

In second table i have project ID's (as foreign key) and the respective working hours.

Now my requirement is to get the project_ID's and the sum of that particular project working hours.

as follows

Project_ID  Hours
1             1
2             0
3             5 (1+4)
4             11 (5+6)
5             2
6             13 (7+6)
7             3

can any one please provide suggestions to implement the query thanks in advance

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Try this: SELECT UNIQUE(Project_id), sum (hours) FROM ProjectHoursTable WHERE Project_ID IN (select prom-id from ProjectsTable); may be it can help. And please intimate in case it does. –  rptwsthi Jan 18 '13 at 5:12

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select Project_Id, 
       sum(Hours) as Hours
  from Proj_HoursTable
group by Project_Id

Since both of the required fields are available in Proj_HoursTable, no need to join to ProjectTable. Adding the project name to the output would require a join to ProjectTable (assumes project id and project name are 1 to 1

select pjt.ProjName, 
       sum(pht.Hours) as Hours
  from Proj_HoursTable pht join ProjectsTable pjt
    on pjt.Proj_Id = pht.Project_Id
group by pht.Project_Id, pjt.ProjName
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First You need to display Proj_Id for particular project (That you want to show total hour) and store it in variable.

And then after write query for this

select * from Project_Hours_Table  where Proj_Id = Proj_Id  

This query return all data of specific Proj_Id that you need. and store it data to NSMutableDictionary, after you need to get value of Hour field by your dictionary key @"hour"

you return this value as NSSting and you need to convert it in intValue by

int hourCount = [StringHourValue intValue];

and count it it will give you total number of Hour
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