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I am using Hibernate Criteria with sql server 2000. I want to use the like method to get records from the database that are literal %. Can that be done? example:

table base_target_unit:

id                                      code           name
8a91b32c3be0a5fe013c03cdb37f0002    13010410    户
8a91b32c3af8cd71013bd4fe06160044    12122609    %
8a91b32c3af8cd71013bd106e9dc002e    12122507    元/MB
402881b03a8c83ae013a8ca467f70041    12102399    亿分钟
402881b03a8c83ae013a8ca451610040    12102398    万分钟
402881b03a8c83ae013a8ca42cb3003f    12102397    万户

The sql I have is:

 select * from dbo.base_target_unit where name LIKE '%/%%' ESCAPE '/'

I want to get the record that name which is %.

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See also this duplicate: How do I escape a percentage sign in T-SQL?. –  Jeppe Stig Nielsen Dec 2 at 10:02

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Use brackets. So to look for 88%

WHERE MyColumn LIKE '%88[%]%'
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You can escape the percent sign with the SQL LIKE function by using two percents (%%)

This tells you more about how to do it:


select * from dbo.base_target_unit where name LIKE '%%' ESCAPE '%'
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This is a use of the ESCAPE clause. When using the ESCAPE keyword, it is less confusing, in my opinion, to use a character that is not otherwise in the string. For example if the character E is not used, one could say WHERE name LIKE 'E%' ESCAPE 'E'. But that was already in the question (using '/'). –  Jeppe Stig Nielsen Dec 2 at 11:52

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