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I have implemented In-App Subscriptions with Google Play Billing API V2. Testing has been successful using Credit Card.

I do have issues with purchases made with Direct Carrier Billing though.

Here's what I have (testing with US-based carriers only):

  • AT&T - works perfectly
  • Verizon - works perfectly.
  • Sprint - getting an error that "Direct Carrier Billing is not available (IAI).
  • T-mobile - works perfectly as of 5/21/13.

What's interesting is that making purchases of regular apps using Carrier Billing seems to work, the problem only lies with purchasing in-app subsriptions.

Ruled out all configuration, etc issues, as the error occurs once inside Google Wallet GUI (after hitting the Accept button) and it does work 100% of the time for AT&T.

Anyone has any clue what's going on with DCB and IAB for subscriptions on T-mobile and Sprint?

Update 04 20 2014: It looks like the issue was on the carrier's side. IAB v3 seems to work as well. Your mileage may vary with other carriers.

Update 05 27 2014: It also looks like Google had added US Cellular to the list and it works well with IAB V3.

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