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I have been given a working PowerShell script to modify. This script checks for broken links in a SharePoint web application and reports any broken links it finds. Currently, the script outputs the results to a text file.


$results | Out-File report.txt

Result Format:

Name of link list - ID of the item - URL + URL Name - HTTP status code - URL


Link List 1 - 1 - http://google.com, Google (Good) - 200 - http://google.com

However, when I try to use the ConvertTo-HTML function I get a different output:


$results | ConvertTo-Html | Out-File report.html



Therefore, instead of receiving a string of text I am receiving its length.

What am I doing wrong here?


  • results is an array.
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Convertto-Html is not meant to be used like that, from help:

Converts Microsoft .NET Framework objects into HTML that can be displayed in a Web browser. You need to send an object (resulting from a command) to this cmdlet, not just a bunch of text. See: Get-Help Convertto-Html -Examples

this is a way to do what you want:

$results | ForEach-Object {Add-Member -InputObject $_ -Type NoteProperty -Name Value -Value $_; $_} | ConvertTo-Html -Property Value
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