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currently, I have this on my routes.rb

match '/:username' => 'profiles#show', :as => :public_profile

now I want to use this format, and add another parameter to make another match for another route. I don't know how to explain this but let me give you an example. Suppose with that match above:

this connects to the profile of foo_username. Now I want to have a url like this:

This link should go to the stories#show action with 5-my-story as its id (slug), and this story is owned by the username provided in the path. How do I configure that in routes? I tried this one:

match '/:username/:id' => 'stories#show', :as => public_story

It works, but when I change the parameter of the username, it still goes to the story. It should return a route not found because the username does not own the story.

How do I best implement this?

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In your controller, you'll have something like this:

@story = Story.find(params[:id])

You need to restrict this to the user's stories maybe like this

@user = User.find_by_username( params[:username] )
@story = @user.stories.find(params[:id])

You then have to check if @story is nil, and return a 404 if not.

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Adapt this to suit your needs:

# stories_controller.rb

def show
  @story = Story.find(params[:id])
  raise ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound unless == params[:username]
  # ...
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