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I am using U-Boot and two kernel Image(uImage). I want to add some code in U-Boot which will select kernel based of time stamp. I am using MIPS architecture. this two kernels are in different MTD partition.

For example:-

If kernel-1 is new, U-Boot will boot Kernel-1. and leave kernel-2 as it is.
If kernel-2 is new, U-Boot will boot kernel-2. and leave kernel-2 as it is.


Is it possible to do so?
How can I add such functionality in U-boot?
Where to chage the code for the same?
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You probably would create a new U-Boot command (that could partially retrieve each uImage and compare the embedded uImage creation timestamps) for use in the bootcmd variable/macro. – sawdust Jan 19 '13 at 20:22

I hope following applies to what you are trying to do.

Please see the DULG page on implementing automatic software updates in U-Boot.

It has links to a README which explains the details of implementation and the commit which implements it.

This approach is based on update files instead of time-stamps. Quote from the README:

The update file should be a FIT file, and can contain one or more updates. Each update in the update file has an address in NOR Flash where it should be placed, updates are also protected with a SHA-1 checksum. If the TFTP transfer is successful, the hash of each update is verified, and if the verification is positive, the update is stored in Flash.

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