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I want to send notification mail to others whose birthday is not today. I have used code to find out people having birthday today...

Code for controller:

@people = Person.find(:all, :conditions => ["DAY(date) = ? AND MONTH(date) = ?", Date.today.day, Date.today.month])

Now, how do I modify it to get people other than birthday person?

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Surely it should be:

@people = Person.where('DAY(date) <> ? AND MONTH(date) <> ?', Date.today.day, Date.today.month)

Using OR it will exclude people from other months where the day is today and from other days of the current month.

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@people = Person.where('DAY(date) <> ? OR MONTH(date) <> ?', Date.today.day, Date.today.month)

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