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I am Using Dmcloud java Api for uploading video on dmcloud.but theres's api doesnt give much information about how to get the thumbnail of the particular video.

i can get the stream url download url and if any one can give me proper guidance for this..

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To get thumbnail url of a particular video, use the get_assets method in cloudkey object.

Ex :

String thumbnail_url = cloud.mediaGetAssets(media_id, assets_name);

Where assets_name is an array of needed asset like :


If it doesn't work, thinks that i'm using PHP API, and my working method is :

return $this->cloudkey->media->get_assets(array('id'=>$idMedia,'assets_names'=>array('jpeg_thumbnail_large')));
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do I need to set the thumbnail of the video upon upload so that I can get its corresponding thumbnail? Is it still possible to get thumbnails of videos that were already uploaded? – Jhn Nov 26 '13 at 5:30
There is an option in the Backoffice that enabled the thumbnail process (activate by default I guess). So all of youre films would have a thumbnail attached... If it not the case, you can activate it, and relaunch the thumbnail process (using the backoffice if you have just few videos, and using the API otherwise) – JoDev Nov 26 '13 at 8:07

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