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I have twitter bootstrap dropdown list on a page

    %a.btn.dropdown-toggle{"data-toggle"=>"dropdown", href: "#"}
      - if data.any?
        - data.each do |account|
              %input{ type: :checkbox, value: some_value, name: "test", checked: some_condition}some data

I works good but I want to convert it to https://github.com/davidstutz/bootstrap-multiselect. To do that I have to replace %ul - %li with %select - %option which what I did.

  %select{class: "multiselect", multiple:"multiple", id: "multiselect-test", name: "multiselect-test-name"}

But it turned out that there was no ability to check some options on page load. There is more, params["multiselect-test-name"] is nil.

So how do I handle these two issues: lack of ability to have some options check on page load (which depends of some_condition) and lack of params["multiselect-test-name"]?

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You should try options like this options_for_select(["test1", "test2", "test3"])

for example:

%select{class: "multiselect", multiple:true, id: "multiselect-test", name: "multiselect-test-name", options_for_select(["test1", "test2", "test3"])}

it will work for you inshaAllah..

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