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According to this post In order to create a Scala compiler plugin, one needs to compile the plugin into a jar, and then either specify the reference to the the jar as command line arguments, or place the jar in $SCALA_HOME/misc/scala-devel/plugins.

I need to call the compiler in runtime, with the scala compiler API ( Is it possible to Is it possible to the compiler plugin dynamically in runtime, before calling the compiler?

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I am not entirely sure what you mean by loading it in runtime, but I assume you intend to also call the compiler at runtime then and supply it with that plugin.

In that case, yes this is possible. You can take a look at RunPlugin.scala from the alacs test suite for an example. The project's not really active anymore, but it provided compiler plugins for additional checks, which are also tested via a test suite involving the above class for runtime compilation with selected plugins.

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Thanks! that's exactly what I need. – Sagie Davidovich Jan 18 '13 at 7:38

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