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The only framework that comes to my mind for data driven testing is FIT. Am I missing something?

Are there good commercial options ?

Pls. note that I am focussing on low maintenance-costs of tabular test-data by test-designers, preferably done via Excel.

Thanks, Bastl.

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Have a look at EasyTest Spring project which is a Data Driven Testing Framework especially for Spring based projects.

Here's an example of how to use it in your project with standard Spring configurations. You can download the latest version of EasyTest Spring from Maven Central Repository

If you want to understand the basic concepts used in the example, like @Param annotation to pass parameters and how and where to write your test data, you can have a look at EasyTest's file.

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Discussed in Data-driven tests with jUnit

Especially the link to the article answers my question.

Several things to note from my POV:

  • no need to use any other frameworks -- just plain old junit. rock solid concept!
  • in suite() I tend to parse some CSV to create test-cases with input edited by our test-guys in excel.

I like it so much that I take the freedom to paste the relevant code snippet here for self-containedness:

public class DataDrivenTestExample extends TestCase {

private final String expected;
private final String actual;

// must be named suite() for the JUnit Runner to pick it up
public static Test suite() {
    TestSuite suite = new TestSuite();
    suite.addTest(new DataDrivenTestExample("One", "answer", "answer"));
    suite.addTest(new DataDrivenTestExample("Two", "result", "fail?"));
    suite.addTest(new DataDrivenTestExample("Three", "run-all-tests!", "run-all-tests!"));
    return suite;

protected DataDrivenTestExample(String name, String expected, String actual) {
    this.expected = expected;
    this.actual = actual;

 * override this; default impl tries to reflectively find methods matching {@link TestCase#getName()}
protected void runTest() throws Throwable {
    assertEquals(expected, actual);
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