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I'm fairly new to XMPP and Openfire and am trying to get my head round the standard way of doing things.

I'd ideally like to send any messages received by a specific XMPP user, via POST, to a URL where a PHP script can then process the message. This would all happen on my local server / local Apache installation.

I've seen that with BOSH I can make a persistent connection listening for XMPP messages through PHP, however perhaps I'm mistaken, but it doesn't sound like a very stable way of doing things - I worry that I'd either end up with multiple persistent connections or my BOSH PHP script would time out and I wont realise. I also ideally wouldn't always have the browser open and running this script!

Can anyone point me in a sensible direction to start me off? Many thanks

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Are you trying to create some chat using php, or want to intercept messages to certain user to do some custom work ?

Have you taken look at javascript for chat

Maybe you will find there something that might help you move in right direction.

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Its more the intercept to do certain work option (I'm happily using pidgin as the chat client). I effectively want to create a bot that you can ask questions, have these questions sent to a php script and answers will be given and/or actions performed. Example: "when's the deadline for XYZ project". Answer: ...lookup project in database with php, return deadline: "yesterday". – Jamie G Jan 22 '13 at 22:49

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