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I'm having a little problem with form submission with jquery. I've submitted a lot of forms with it in the past but I was just thinking, how can I use the event handler .submit() to submit a form and it's elements without callin the forms ID. The problem is that I can't seem to be able to chain elements with $(this) (it's possible using .children() but I just want to use .each() through the input fields).

Here is a code snippet:

$('.editTimeLink').click(function () {
	var id = $(this).attr('rel');
	$.get('<?php echo $config["httpRoot"]; ?>/ajax.php?ajax=1&sec=time&a=edit&id=' + id, {}, function (data) {
		if (data.returnCode == 1) {
			$('#timeBox_' + id).html(data.data);
			$('#timeBox_' + id + ' form').bind('submit', function () {
				//$(this).$(':input').each(function () {
				//$(this).(':input').each(function () {
				$(this).each(':input', function () {

				return false;
		} else if (data.returnCode == 0) {
	}, 'json');

	return false;

Like you can see I'm trying to alert the string "asdf" for each input element in the form "this".

You can see where the 2 lines are commented out what I have been trying to manage. The line that isn't commented out doesn't work neither. I know how I can fix this, for instance pass the form selectors name to the lambda function but I was just thinking if there's a more "clean" way to do this?

Thanks in advance. Kristinn.

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Why can't you use children()? You can still use each().


However, this does not work:

$(this).each(':input', function () {

Because each() only takes one argument, a callback (doc here).

By the way: using a JS debugger, e.g., Firebug, is a good idea to find out why stuff is not working.

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Thanks for your answer. Yes I did know about that but it's nice to get this all sorted out. Thanks a lot. –  Kristinn Örn Sigurðsson Sep 17 '09 at 15:58

.children() selects immediate children, so if you have a table or other markup in your form you'll want to use .find()

    console.log($(this).val()); //$(this) now contains the current form field in the loop
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