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I have the following model associations

Customer model

class Customer
   has_many :readings
   has_many :invoices

Reading Model

class Reading
  belongs_to :customer

Invoice Model

class Invoice
   belongs_to :customer
   has_many :invoice_items

Invoice Items

class Invoiceitem
  belongs_to :invoice

Creating a destroy action in my customers_controller deletes the customer however, it leaves a lot of orphaned records making it had for me to call the show action on the invoices controller due to nil values.

How can I be able to delete a customer and all the associated records in the models?

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You can add :dependent => :destroy to the has_many

The API Documentation section Deleting from associations contains this example.

For example:

class Author
  has_many :posts, :dependent => :destroy
Author.find(1).destroy # => Will destroy all of the author's posts, too
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