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So that previous threads have no identifier and i changed it to have identifier for each article, Now previous comments wont show.

Didn't find any way to migrate old comments without identifier to new system with identifier.

Is there a way to that ?

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Short answer:

  • Ensure your article shows the same thread no matter what URL is used to access the article
  • Then add the identifier to the embed code at your article
  • Right after that, revisit your article via its primary URL

Here is why I think that should work based on what worked for me just a short while ago:

I have 2 URLs for a page of mine that embeds a disqus thread, call them URLs A and B. I did not set disqus_url or disqus_identifier from the start.

People usually reach my page using URL B and they already posted some comments, meaning the page did not show any of those comments when accessed via URL A. However, URL A was supposed to be the primary one for my page, so I used the URL mapper from the migration tools of the disqus admin. It says one should wait a while until the mappings start to have an effect. After a few minutes, though, I visited my page via URL A, and all the comments where there already. I did not visit my page via URL B again right after that.

Then, I set disqus_url to URL A and disqus_identifier to some unique value that pertains to my page. After that, I revisited my page via URL A. All the comments where still there. Then, I visited the page via URL B, and the same comments where still there.

After this, I unset disqus_url since you normally only need it if you did not set disqus_identifier. Revisiting my page via both URLs still showed the same comments (I did not try posting a comment after this, but I assume it would still show up everywhere).

Good luck!

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Worked, but decided to don't use DISQUS anymore. They are not responsible for anything and have a very weak support. Also DISQUS has so limited configuration. –  Omid Jan 22 '13 at 19:43

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