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On this demo there are three layers:

  1. MyLayer: using custom tile data
  2. Google: using Openlayer.Layer.Google v3 API
  3. TMS

When I put three markers on the map, shows different places after switching different layers. I've already change Google'layers projection to Openlayers default projection EPSG:4326.

How can I fix this problem?

and also why?

Coordinates of three points are:

  • (0, 0)
  • (31.22689446881399, 121.475830078125)
  • (18.255436745247998, 109.51309204101562)

all my code is from here

Waiting for answers and thank you very much.

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If you are using a layer like Google or OSM, you have to set the default projection to EPSG:900913 and not to EPSG:4326. Then you should reproject all your layers to the mercator projection.

You can read more documentation about spherical mercator here. You can also search for mercator on this example page

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