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What is the best practice for string encoding? I have search filter user control and on button click event, at the end, I have:


I tried "Server.UrlEncode", "Server.UrlPathEncode", "SPEncode.UrlEncode", "SPEncode.UrlEncodeAsUrl" and I still had problems with characters ", &, <, >

Does anyone knows how to solve this problem for all characters? Perhaps third party library for SP and WCF...??? (WCF is 4.0 .net framework and SP is 3.5)

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The keys and values in a query string must be url encoded, so it's like:

UrlEncode(key) '=' UrlEncode(value) [ '&' UrlEncode(key) '=' UrlEncode(value)] ...

However, your particular example remains unchanged after this processing. So let's say "filterField" must be "lö&l" and "fieldValue" must be "ä&sd". Then the encoded string is:


Note that the whole thing is not encoded at once, but keys and values separately.

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