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i have some trouble with my location services... I figured out a strategy for my needs that works fine on iPhone 5 Devices... The case is - user get at work -> gps Hardware should power down -> get wake up when moving on. For this iam using the setPausesLocationUpdatesAutomatically delegate stuff. But for wake up i use own strategies.

I tested all on the iPhone 5 in my Company, works great - now i made a bigger test with 8 guys and all iPhone 4 guys did cry...

Someone has an option to enable that on iPhone4 ?

    if(isIOS6) {
        [m_locationManager setActivityType:CLActivityTypeFitness];
        [m_locationManager setPausesLocationUpdatesAutomatically:NO];
        [m_locationManager setPausesLocationUpdatesAutomatically:YES];

        logff(@"autopause flag %i",[m_locationManager pausesLocationUpdatesAutomatically]); 


this code shows me, that i set the flag on a iphone 4 and the api ignores that or changes it back to NO.... what kind of consistent api shit is that ?...

maybe someone can help greetings and thx guys

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