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I have a requirement for to show the search result on the jsp with maxcount of 10 and it should have a pagination to traverse back and forward as pagination functionality.

Dynamodb has a lastevaluatedkey, but it doesn't help to go back to the previous page, though I can move to the next result set by the lastevaluatedKey.

Can anybody please help on this.

I am using Java SPRING and DynamoDB as the stack.

Thanks Satya

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You will have to keep a record of the previous key in a session var, query string, or something similar you can access later, then execute the query using that key when you want to go backwards. Dynamo does not keep track of that for you.

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You can use lastEvaluatedKey combined with a backwards scan direction to "move backwards" and get the last page.

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Backwards scan direction is not supported, see here – Tomas Holas Jul 28 '15 at 9:09

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