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Is it possible to set up a TFS2010 build rule/template to create the build workspace on a different partition to the $(SystemDrive)?

Right now, we have set up a dedicated build server with all tools etc installed to the c:\ partition. We have created a D:\ partition for all data.

Ideally, I would like all builds to be built in D:\Builds\$(BuildAgentId)\$(BuildDefinitionPath) but still reference all MS links, dependencies etc from the C:\ drive.

I am unsure how this is done

I have tried changing the agent workspace to D:\Builds, but the build then looks for the tools on the D:\ drive.

I have also tried changing the Build Agent Folder in the template to D:\Builds with the same outcome.

I must be missing something as I suspect it should be ok to do this?

Any help/advice/guidance would be much appreciated.

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Open Visual Studio TeamExplorer and go to Builds in any TeamProject. Rightclick on it and than Manage Build Controllers..., select the Build Agent you are using and press Properties... Here you can set the Working Directory to d:\Builds\$(BuildAgentId)\$(BuildDefinitionPath). This worked fine in all companies I worked for.

What kind of tools is the build looking for? Maybe there is a relative path used, which would not work in another location than the actual one.

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Thanks for your reply Mike, it appears that some environment variables were missing causing the build to fail and somehow log that it was looking for them in the D:\ drive?? – ShorTControlleR Jan 23 '13 at 17:06
once the environment was sorted, it all worked as expected. Thanks again :) – ShorTControlleR Jan 23 '13 at 17:07

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