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I am printing RichTextBlock contents, using RichTextOverflow for pagination, it's working great but I would like to keep paragraphs together on one page, and now sometimes I have page breaks in middle of paragraph.

Here is the example :

printing problem

Paragraph 3 should be on the next page, it seems that ITextParagraphFormat.KeepTogether is just what I need but don't know how to get that for RichTextBlock.

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If you put your paragraph inside TextBlock/RTB inside InlineUIContainer it will be treated as a single element and will carry over to the next page unbroken if needed. This approach may have some side effects, but I believe it should work for printing.

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After all I made a method that will "push" paragraphs that are broken on two pages on to a next page, I am not very happy about this solution but I didn't found another way

public static void BreakBeforeLastParagraph(RichTextBlockOverflow rto)
  if (!rto.HasOverflowContent)

  var pageBreak = rto.ContentEnd.Offset;
  var brokenPar = rto.ContentSource.Blocks.FirstOrDefault(pr => pr.ElementStart.Offset <= pageBreak && pr.ElementEnd.Offset >= pageBreak);
  if (brokenPar != null)
    double spacerSize = pageBreak - brokenPar.ElementStart.Offset;
    var spacer = new Paragraph();
    spacer.Margin = new Windows.UI.Xaml.Thickness(0,spacerSize, 0,0);
    rto.ContentSource.Blocks.Insert(rto.ContentSource.Blocks.IndexOf(brokenPar), spacer);
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Thank you for following up with the solution. I am still wondering if there is a declarative way to tell it to keep a paragraph on a single page. I doubt it, though. – Jerry Nixon - MSFT Jan 18 '13 at 18:59
I am to :) it would be very nice feature, especially when dealing with printing – Antonio Bakula Jan 18 '13 at 19:22

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