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I'm studyng the EJB 3 with the Oracle's tutorial, Ant 1.8 and Glassfish (in Windows 7).

In the first example I build correctly the EAR, but when I run

ant deploy

by cmd, I receive this message

     [echo] deploys the application in cart -  build/cart.ear
     [echo] C:\installati\glassfish-3_1_2_2\glassfish3\glassfish/bin/asadmin.bat
        --host localhost       --port 4848       deploy --name cart       --forc
e=true --upload=true        --dbvendorname SQL92 build/cart.ear
     [exec] Authentication failed for user: null
     [exec] (Usually, this means invalid user name and/or password)
     [exec] Command deploy failed.

The tutorial doesn't say anything about security configurations and I don't know very well Glassfish. I tried to use the command add-resources (following this similar thread) but I don't know the syntax of this file.

I don't think there's a problem about configuration of path, because the bat are correctly runned...

I see the answer to question, but it's not my situation...

Has someone found sometime a similar problem?

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Did you try right-click -> Deploy in NetBeans? – unwichtich Jan 20 '13 at 22:58
I'm working with Eclipse: I use cmd+ANT for have the basic proces of developmetn/deploy – alepuzio Jan 25 '13 at 8:31
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I solved: I'm re-installed Glassfish.

After the reinstallation, most of examples (not all) are working correctly without authentication hypothesis.

Maybe my problem was born using a solution found in the web for another problem, and unperceively I had misdirect something in deploy's process of GlasshFish.

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