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How to change color of hyperlink after clicking on hyperlink (visited state).

I create hyperlink dynamically with next code:

  1. I use Paragraph into RichTextBox in XAML

  2. I fill this TShortName object in code behind with:


  3. And finally I populate data (hyperlink) with:

    private Hyperlink GetNameUrlAsLink(string hp) { var hl = new Hyperlink { NavigateUri = new Uri(hp), TargetName = "_blank", Foreground = new SolidColorBrush(currentAccentColorHex), FontSize = 20, }; hl.Inlines.Add(hp); return hl; }

As a result, I get hyperlink with accent color (currentAccentColorHex). But I need to change that color when I click on link because it becomes white which is not appropriate for me at all.

Best regards

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try this

  Dim scb As New SolidColorBrush()
  scb.Color = Colors.Green
  myHyperlinkButton.Background = scb
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