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I have a been trying to allow one checkbox to check other checkboxes in multiple nested divs but it does not work. I cant find the Dom path to the check box. Here is the html:

<div class="box span12 " id="Clarendon_region"> 

    <div class="box-content">
        <div class="row-fluid">         
            <div class="span3 ">
                    <div class="checker">
                            <input type="checkbox">
                </span> Branch 115


and here is the jquery:

$('span input').click(function(e){

    var elIDSplit = e.target.id.split("_");

    if(elIDSplit[0] == "chk" && elIDSplit[2] == "region") {
        status = $(e.target).attr("checked");
        if (status == undefined) {
            status = false;

        $(elIDSplit[1]+"_"+elIDSplit[0]+" .box-content .row-fluid .span3 span .checker span input:checkbox.friends").attr("checked",status);



UPDATE: This was solved by giving the input a class name then called using this:

$(".allbranches_" + elIDSplit[1]).attr('checked', status);
//does not work without this line since uniform is responsible for styling the  checkbox
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This would help : stackoverflow.com/questions/7307137/… – MuhammadHani Jan 18 '13 at 11:18

You have various mistakes in your code. This line:

$(elIDSplit[1]+"_"+elIDSplit[0]+" .box-content .row-fluid .span3 span .checker span input:checkbox.friends").attr("checked",status);

should actually be (with your approach):

$("#" + elIDSplit[1]+"_"+elIDSplit[2]+">.box-content>.row-fluid>.span3>span>.checker>span>input:checkbox.friends").attr("checked", status);

It would work, provided that you add the correct id and class to your input tag, which you didn't in the code you showed here.

This is however a terrible way to select your elements (and a quite strange way of nesting them, to be honest). It would be a lot easier, for example, if you gave a meaningful id to your input tags and select them with something like $("#my_input").

Even if you can't, there's usually no need to cascade all those selectors: you could do just

$("#" + elIDSplit[1]+"_"+elIDSplit[2]+">.box-content input:checkbox.friends").attr("checked", status);

and you would obtain the same result.

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You can simply try this


here #theId is refres to the divid in which the checkbox is residing.

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