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When i'm trying to run impdp command in sqlplus, i got below error.

ORA-31631: privileges are required

ORA-39122: Unprivileged users may not perform REMAP_SCHEMA remappings.

I have granted IMPORT FULL DATABASE privileged to schema which i'm trying to import. but i'm getting above error.

how could i solve this ?

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more than likely, you granted:

grant import full database to YOURUSER;

instead grant:

grant imp_full_database to YOURUSER;
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grant imp_full_database to YOURUSER;

will solve the issue , you will need to do it from a privileged DBA account or else you will get the below error

ORA-01919: role 'IMP_FULL_DATABASE' does not exist
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You could use the following code:

grant datapump_imp_full_database to USER;
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