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Makes loading custom images, after downloading put a watermark. Paperclip by default puts the files in a folder called styles, such as original, thumb, medium, etc. I want to hide the original file that is uploaded without a watermark, and leave the original size is available but only with a watermark.

Remove loadable file is not an option, they are needed for the archive.

I want a file kept in the same place and at the same time was not available unauthorized user? For example, a site administrator could view these files, and users could not.

Can cancan restrict access if someone will turn to the original file, the direct link?

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try but I'm not sure

has_attached_file :avatar, {
    :url => "/system/:hash.:extension",
    :hash_secret => "longSecretString"
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See my solution, I found it. Thank you. –  Stack Stack Jan 22 '13 at 9:20
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I use

Paperclip.interpolates :maybe_public do |attachment, style|
  style == :original ? "private" : "public"

has_attached_file :image, :path => ":rails_root/:maybe_public/..."

And it's worked

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