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I would like to draw a ring 20km thick with empty 5km circle inside. I dont how how to do it. I believe it is possible.

One simple solution could be to substract one 5km circle from 25km circle. Is it possible? Thank you for any tips.

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Take a look at – Dr.Molle Jan 18 '13 at 11:52
Thank you this is it!! – Macejkou Jan 18 '13 at 12:15
@Dr.Molle, but that's polygon, not circle. – TMS Jan 18 '13 at 14:25
yes it is, holes are only possible with polygons, because you have use 2 path's with opposite directions, but there is no path for a circle. Instead you may use a circle with a fully transparent fill where the stroke defines the ring(you must (re)calculate the weight of the stroke initially and on every zoom-change ) – Dr.Molle Jan 18 '13 at 14:31
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Create a drawCircle function:

function drawCircle(point, radius, dir) { 
var d2r = Math.PI / 180;   // degrees to radians 
var r2d = 180 / Math.PI;   // radians to degrees 
var earthsradius = 3963; // 3963 is the radius of the earth in miles

   var points = 32; 

   // find the raidus in lat/lon 
   var rlat = (radius / earthsradius) * r2d; 
   var rlng = rlat / Math.cos( * d2r); 

   var extp = new Array(); 
   if (dir==1)  {var start=0;var end=points+1} // one extra here makes sure we connect the
   else     {var start=points+1;var end=0}
   for (var i=start; (dir==1 ? i < end : i > end); i=i+dir)  
      var theta = Math.PI * (i / (points/2)); 
      ey = point.lng() + (rlng * Math.cos(theta)); // center a + radius x * cos(theta) 
      ex = + (rlat * Math.sin(theta)); // center b + radius y * sin(theta) 
      extp.push(new google.maps.LatLng(ex, ey)); 
   // alert(extp.length);
   return extp;

Then you can use it like this:

  var donut = new google.maps.Polygon({
                 paths: [drawCircle(new google.maps.LatLng(-33.9,151.2), 100, 1),
                         drawCircle(new google.maps.LatLng(-33.9,151.2), 50, -1)],
                 strokeColor: "#0000FF",
                 strokeOpacity: 0.8,
                 strokeWeight: 2,
                 fillColor: "#FF0000",
                 fillOpacity: 0.35

Note that the inner circle needs to "wind" opposite the outer circle.

Example (as posted by Dr Molle)

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I improved geocodezip's answer with the geometry library:

function getCirclePoints(center, radius, numPoints, clockwise) {
    var points = [];
    for (var i = 0; i < numPoints; ++i) {
        var angle = i * 360 / numPoints;
        if (!clockwise) {
            angle = 360 - angle;

        // the maps API provides geometrical computations
        // just make sure you load the required library (libraries=geometry)
        var p = google.maps.geometry.spherical.computeOffset(center, radius, angle);

    // 'close' the polygon
    return points;

You can use this function like this:

new google.maps.Polygon({
    paths: [
        getCirclePoints(yourCenter, outerRadius, numPoints, true),
        getCirclePoints(yourCenter, innerRadius, numPoints, false)
    /* other polygon options */
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