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Microsoft provides best practices (Best Practices for Performance Improvements Using Service Bus Brokered Messaging) to achieve high throughput. According to it:

Single topic with 5 subscriptions can achieve a message throughput of up to 600msg/s (message size: 1KB) if all messages are routed to all subscriptions.

To obtain higher throughput, we should use multiple topics. I need to implement Event Modal for a solution that will be used for 10,000 tenants.

Questions are:

  1. How much scalable the Azure Service Bus can be i.e. how many transaction it can support per topic or per namespace?
  2. Also do I need to care about HA or Microsoft will take care of it. As per MSDN, I need to handle disaster recovery but I couldn’t find any reference for HA.

We have already found the discussion on similar line in Azure Service Bus Scalability post, still the answer is not clear.

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