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I noticed that the localized message of a Level class from java.util.logging does not work on Java7. Looks like there is an issue with loading RessourceBundle for sun.util.logging.resources.logging

Let's consider following snippet

String msg = Level.SEVERE.getLocalizedName();

On java 6 it prints


On java 7 it prints


I read an article explaing that the Locale class was re-implemented in jdk7. Still, this seems to be werid. I also tried on Java 7 setting

Locale.setDefault(Category.DISPLAY, Locale.GERMANY);
Locale.setDefault(Category.FORMAT, Locale.GERMANY);
System.setProperty("sun.locale.formatasdefault", "true");

but neither seem to work.

Is this a bug in the JVM or did I miss something?

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This might be related to JDK-8028233. You can change the date format by specifying the a format string through the "java.util.logging.SimpleFormatter.format" system property or LogManager property.

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