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Does any body know how to add text as watermark on image using c++ or c or vc++ . using any library but in less cpu cycle.i am doing a project on vc++ which puts text as watermark on image (even if it is pdf would help) but efficient code is required your suggestion will be very much valid

who ever is trying to down vote this question please give me a good reason if its valid i will remove this post .but i am in need of answer

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Use OpenCV. It has function cvPutText which you can use. –  sgarizvi Jan 18 '13 at 11:59
Are you referring to a visible or an invisible watermark? The former is more or less as trivial, as adding two images and already mentioned by some answers. For the latter significantly more math is needed ... - for adding the mark as well as for retrieving it afterwards. –  alk Jan 18 '13 at 12:25

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One possibility is the ImageMagick library. It can combine images together using several operators etc., and handles inserting text as well. And it has a C++ interface which I found relatively easy to use.


Relevant information and example code can be found on page 19-20 in this guide:


Edit: Removed DevIL reference, since it cannot render text.

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