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This one is long to explain but basically my controller is built and expects an array in params[:order_items], so I've tried it like this:

<%= hidden_field_tag "order_items", @order[:order_items_ids] %>

but I get the ids concatenated

<input id="gig_items" name="gig_items" type="hidden" value="2300124946">

So, How do I send and array in one of the params keys using just html (without js)?

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sorry, I'm afraid of monsters... – apneadiving Jan 18 '13 at 12:05
...but try: <%= hidden_field_tag "order_items", @order[:order_items_ids].to_json %> – apneadiving Jan 18 '13 at 12:06
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You can post it in a string joined by ',' like:

<%= hidden_field_tag "order_items", @order[:order_items_ids].join(",") %>

then split it in your controller. But if you really want it in an array. You can also do it like this:

<%@order[:order_items_ids].each do |oid|%>
    <%= hidden_field_tag "order_items[]", oid %>
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nice and simple! completly saved my a@@! 10x! – devmonster Jan 18 '13 at 12:22

I would do it but there's maybe a better solution with html:

<% @order.order_items_ids.each do |o| %>
     <input id="order_items" name="order_items[]" type="hidden" value="<%= o %>" />
<% end %>

EDIT: Just to say, for order items, I would put it in session if I were you.

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